Case Management

I can provide case management for adults with traumatic brain injury, limb loss and complex orthopaedic injuries.

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working with adults and children

Managing complex rehabilitation needs after injury

I am experienced in managing complex cases and building a good rapport with clients and their families. I am skilled at navigating complicated family dynamics. I have worked throughout Wales, the South and South West of England, and beyond and can put together teams of skilled treating therapists, suited to the needs of each individual client. Where possible I avoid using therapy and diagnostic agencies, preferring to instruct people who are experts in their respective fields and understand the litigation process. This helps reduce treatment costs by avoiding unnecessary agency fees. I aim to ensure the members of the multidisciplinary teams I manage are working effectively and cohesively towards meeting the client’s rehabilitation goals. ​

Client led rehabilitation and case management

As an independent case manager I am able to tailor my approach and reporting to meet the individual needs of my clients and instructing parties. This ensures my approach is client-led rather than process-driven. I am mindful not to take on too many clients so I can step up quickly and assist my clients in times of crisis.

“Claire is an experienced case manager whose excellent communication skills facilitate effective relationships with client, family, legal team, medical and therapy personnel alike. She is skilled in determining priorities, and identifying risks and barriers, in order to be able to set and achieve appropriate client focused goals.”

– Julie Sheard (Supervising Case Manager)

over 22 years experience


  • Delivering case management to a high standard to clients following catastrophic injury
  • Extensive knowledgeable about statutory and rehabilitation services throughout Wales, the West and South of England
  • Building good relationships with clients and their families and securing their trust
  • Securing funding from private, statutory and charitable bodies
  • Overseeing disabled adaptation projects
  • Specialist skills in orthopaedics, limb loss, upper limb therapy and brain injury rehabilitation
  • The successful management of clients with challenging behaviour
  • Setting up, managing and reviewing complex rehabilitation
  • Set up and oversight of agency provided packages of care and support
  • Motivating clients to achieve their rehabilitation goals
  • Achieving independent living through adaptation of client’s activities and environment
  • Knowledgeable re safeguarding, deprivation of liberty, mental capacity issues
  • The development of detailed SMART goal plans
  • Extensive continuing professional development portfolio